Olive and thyme tapenade

Tapenade is a blend of citrus, garlic, a good olive oil and most importantly a variety of olive. While kalamata ...
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Whole grain bread with prosciutto and crème fraiche

Whole grain bread and delicate cheese and a cured meat is so versatile. It can be lunch, appetizer or an ...
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Goat cheese and tomato sauce

This delicious goat cheese and tomato sauce recipe was from the restaurant I helped open with Jay Fignano. This was ...
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Egg Roll with spicy mustard

There are a few times in my cooking life where I surprise myself about a dish I made and who ...
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Steamed artichokes

I watched my mother make steamed artichokes for my family every summer when I was a little girl. She never ...
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Figs, bacon and jalapeno

Figs and fig recipes are everywhere and I must admit this Fig and Jalapeño recipe is my favorite. Jalapeño can ...
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