Two cookies with jam on a plate with a glass of wine.

Raspberry Linzer Cookies

Linzer cookies remind me of the nursery rhyme the queen of tarts. As a child I imagined beautiful red tarts ...
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a stack of three brownies

Blondie bars

Blondies are an easier way to enjoy cookies with out all the hassle of individually scooping out the dough.  
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a stack of three brownies

Blondie brownies

Every Christmas I try and come up with a few new cookie ideas for the oh-so-familiar cookie exchange parties or ...
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A green cookies with white frosting.

Sticky Green Cookies (made with spinach)

I need to explain these sticky green cookies a bit, because I know they will create a lot of questions. ...
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Halloween cookies decorated with icing and decorations.

Halloween Sugar Cookies

What is Halloween with out decorating sugar cookies. To begin it really is about being with your family and doing ...
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M&m cookies on a marble countertop.

Crispy M&M cookies

What do you do on a rainy day in Southern California and two littles ones trapped inside? Well I make ...
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A lace cookie on a piece of paper.

Lace oatmeal cranberry and almond cookies

As a child I never ate oatmeal cookies and the first time I made them was for a gift to ...
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