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With Hail Mary Food of Grace, Mary Payne Moran wants to share her love and knowledge of food with kitchens across the country

Travel Fiji (after Covid of course)

Crystal iridescent blue water, a gentle breeze, singing in the distance. We made it. The trek to Musket Cove on Malolo Lailai Island‎ in Fiji is a worth-while hidden gem and my sweet family of four made the journey.  Musket Cove stands as Fiji’s oldest resort company that’s family owned, filled with adventure, organic food farmed from their resort and plenty of relaxation.

Which cook are you?

There are many different types of cooks, and you may be any one of these. It is important to know which cook you are, because then you can expand and enhance your cooking experience in whatever type of kitchen you have. Below, I have listed several types/levels of cooks, with a few tips for each one.

Four P’s of Cooking

Cooking is all about the planning, prepping, preparing and of course the presentation! Or as I like to call it the 4 p’s of cooking.

Saved by dinner

Saved by Dinner July 21st, 2018, I drove home from teaching pasta and donut class at the King’s Roost, my home away from home. The sun was shining, there was…
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Baking with kids

Los Angeles, Ca- My children sat by the stove and watched brownies that we slaved over baking. They smelled amazing! After all our hard work I realized with the commotion…
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Daily food battles with my adorable 3 year old

Repost from 2014: I love this post, especially right now while we are all experiencing so many emotions with no answers. Food battles are a daily thing at my house.…
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