Mary Brings Her Love & Passion of Food & Kitchens to You

Chef Mary Payne Moran is a wife, mother of two, and chef with deep roots in the Culinary Industry in Los Angeles, California, but an Oklahoman at heart. After back surgery, she reconsidered her goals and dreams of cooking in restaurants and catering and took to writing and teaching about everything she loves in food.

Mary’s cooking is a combination of good wholesome delicious family food, what she grew up on in Oklahoma mixed in with farm to table Californian (specifically Silver Lake) cuisine. Mary works hard to make her recipes taste like the reader expects and easy enough that they can accomplish the finished products at home on their own. Mary loves to customize and create menus and recipes that meet the needs of the audience she is writing for.

She’s had over 20 years of experience cooking for celebrities, working as a chef at well known Los Angeles restaurants (Lucques, Michael’s, Larchmont Grill), catered for celebrity events, food styled for print, TV, and movies, and is incredibly active on Instagram. She's also featured in Traditional Home Magazine, Key Ingredient, Appetites, and That Morning Show. Her YouTube channel is also published in multiple magazines like Traditional Home, The LA Magazine, Redtri.com, and more. Mary is currently teaching cooking classes to children and adults at King’s Roost on Fletcher Blvd. Plus, check out her first and new book The Vita Gang Mysteries; Who Stole Vita D? Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Chef Mary graduated from The California School in Culinary Arts in 2002, took a course at The Tuscan Cooking School in Lucca, Italy, in 2003, and gained certification for Nutrition and Weight Loss Specialist from The American Fitness Professionals and Associates in 2009.

Chef Mary is a professional in any situation. She prides herself on her work and the ability to take care of her clients to the best of her abilities. She is the go-to chef for all questions concerning food, health, and organization to her nationwide readers.

Hail Mary Food Of Grace

Words of Encouragement from the Happppyyy Foodies & Readers

Victoria Pearson

 “it’s always a joy to work with Mary; her level of professionalism is superb !

Her attitude is joyful and she is always ready for a challenge ...

And of course her food styling is gorgeous and impeccable !”

M Dunkerley

The funniest thing happened, I was making dinner tonight and I realized that I was making another one of your recipes - Sauteed Brussel Sprouts w/ White Truffle Oil.  LOL...  They are one of my favorites!…I hope you find another way of getting them out to the public, we need them.

Kristen S.

Home Made Pasta w/Chef Mary Moran

Never knew how easy it is to make pasta. I learned how to make pasta, roll it out and cut the pasta with or without a pasta machine. A definite for anyone who loves pasta.


Event Manager

I’ve personally known and worked with Chef Mary for over 6 years. She is, indeed, one of the most innovative and talented culinary chefs in all of LA! Whether she is designing a menu for an A-list celebrity event in Beverly Hills or an intimate catered dinner in your home, … she is creative, hard working, with a unique flair for food that is rare and all her own!



I loved the class, Mary is a great teacher. The class was full and it was very enjoyable. Mary was great as explaining steps and answering all our questions. Learning to make donuts was very fun and learning about different flours was an added bonus. Will definitely take more classes. Also loved the King's Roost a great place.


Jessica Kent


I’ve had the pleasure of tasting Hail Mary’s for years at various events. Its a rarity to see such an accomplished chef to remain so connected to her food. You wont see any unnecessary flourishes or garnish without purpose but what you will experience is nothing short of fantastic.

To put it simply Mary has the artistry and talent to combine complexly tantalizing flavors with the accessibility of everyday food. From the simplest salad dressings to the most elaborate roast beasts, Mary crafts her delights focusing on flavor and nutrition. With he premise of balance, she has taught me that good food can indeed be fun. Thank you Mary, every meeting is a delight.

Margo Ward

Oklahoma City, OK

Mary’s passion for healthy living is contagious. I’ve learned so many useful tricks and tips in the kitchen and for grocery shopping by following Mary’s blogs and webisodes.

Kristen S.

Sugar Cookie Class w/ Chef Mary Moran

Another great class with Mary. I have baked sugar cookies for years but learned so much from the one on one time I had with Mary. Can't wait for the next class.

Sheila M.

Donuts w/ Chef Mary Moran

My husband and I loved taking a cooking class at The King’s Roost. We had the added pleasure of meeting the owner who went out of his way to actually grind flour for us to use in our donut making class. Both Chef Moran and Rue were knowledge and fun and passionate about what they do!

Ellen Morgan

One of the most fun things to happen to me was to become the student of a former student of mine. When I taught math to Mary in 4th and 5th grade, I never imagined what a master of culinary arts she would become. Now I have followed her blogs, enjoyed taking a cooking class from her, I shoot her questions that I have about cooking or equipment, watched her webcasts on cooking… It has been a delight. She is so talented, such a good teacher, and so focused on healthful eating of real food. What a treasure it has been for me to watch her fun and interesting career.

Melissa G.


Home Made Pasta w/Chef Mary Moran

…The class itself was beyond fun. Chef Mary was an awesome teacher and really used the learning moments during the class to give us more tips. You get experience making your pasta all three different ways (kitchen aid, hand crank, rolling by hand). One of the best cooking classes I’ve taken, highly recommended for all. No prior knowledge of pasta needed!


Helen Ford Wallace

You are an excellent chef and when you write about food it is always interesting and fun! Congratulations on your good work and thanks for appearing on NewsOk’s webcast Parties Extra! We enjoyed it. http://blog.newsok.com/partiesextra/category/mary-payne-moran/.

Columnist at The Oklahoman; Parties Extra! social blog and video host for NewsOk

Ally W

Home Made Pasta w/Chef Mary Moran

My boyfriend and I had a blast at Chef Mary's pasta making workshop! She was super knowledgeable and friendly, as was everyone else in the class. Will definitely be coming back to try one of the other classes King's Roost has to offer.

Ashley B

Home Made Pasta w/Chef Mary Moran

LOVED my experience. Mary was an amazing teacher. And I loved making pasta. Will definitely sign up for another class!

Ivan W

Biscuit Class with Chef Mary Moran

My first class in many years and I only took it, though I am a baker, is that I wanted to learn how to make biscuits. The Chef was outstanding and made the whole process clear and enjoyable. A plus was that we made butter while waiting for the biscuits to cook. Looking forward to adding herbs and other things to my new biscuit creations.

Kyle T

Donuts w/Chef Mary Moran

I had a great time is Mary’s donut class. I’ve been wanting to learn how to make them for a while. She demoed the recipe, then let us all make some. She explained the whys of the recipe which I appreciated. She also explained how to adjust the recipe based on likes or dislikes. It tasted great. I got to take a bunch home to share with the family, who also enjoyed them. It was the best cooking class I’ve been to.

Richard Rosser

Author of A Piggy Nation

“it’s always a joy to work with Mary; her level of professionalism is superb ! Her attitude is joyful and she is always ready for a challenge …And of course her food styling is gorgeous and impeccable !” Victoria Pearson has built a highly distinguished career as a photographer in Los Angeles, specializing in still life, travel, food and beauty. Her extensive client list includes Williams Sonoma, Neiman Marcus, AT&T, Martha Stewart Living, Food and Wine, Chronicle Books, Microsoft and Pottery Barn.

For my 50th Birthday, my wife and I decided to host a dinner at our house with 5 other couples. I called chef Mary Payne to find out if she would be interested in catering the party and she responded with an emphatic “Yes”. I told Mary about some of my favorite dishes and she offered some fantastic suggestions of her own.

We ended up designing an incredible menu that included: Blinis with caviar and crème fraiche; roasted persimmon and pomegranate salad with burrata, mint and hazelnuts; a seared jumbo scallop with lemon butter blanc; a braised short rib with creamy wild mushroom polenta; and red velvet birthday cake with vanilla bean ice cream. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine was when I read the menu. Well… The dinner was all I hoped for and more. Mary and her assistant took care of everything. My wife and I were able to kick back, enjoy the food and the company of our guests without having to worry about a thing. Each of the dishes was delivered to the table as though we were in our own private little restaurant. My 50th birthday was an unbelievably special event thanks to Mary and her talents as a Chef. It’s an evening I’ll never forget.


David Wohlstadter

Director, Summer Art Academy

Chef Mary has worked for us at the Summer Art Academy at both our Agoura Hills and Valley Village Campuses for the last two years teaching our young campers about the joy of cooking. She is a hard working, dedicated chef instructor who has an amazing passion for educating and empowering youth to learn basic culinary skills that will stay with them the rest of their lives.