Barbq chicken salad

In my early 20’s I worked at a restaurant called Larchmont grill and the owner at the time had a ...
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Creamy chicken and rotini pasta

This creamy rotini pasta dish is perfect for any night of the week. It’s easy, delicious and fast, everything you ...
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Chicken shish kabobs

There are never enough chicken shish kabobs when you make them! It’s that perfect tasty and fun summer dish that ...
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Chicken tacos

This chicken taco recipe was made with the intention of bringing a delicious flavor combination together (chicken, lemon, garlic, paprika, ...
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Chicken and grapes

At first you might think, chicken and grapes? But it’s not only delicious it’s also beautiful. The purple, green and ...
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Grilled Chicken

A basic grilled chicken is extremely versatile and can be used for an array of dishes. For example you could ...
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