The Vita Gang Mysteries

The vita gang mysteries.

In 2007 I started teaching children about healthy eating and cooking, and the children I taught inspired my book The Vita Gang Mysteries, Who Stole Vita D?

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Mushroom Stuffing

Traditional Mushroom Stuffing Home Photo credit Peter Krumhardt

Serves 12 (each serving is about ¾ of a cup) Ingredients 6 cups of 1/4-inch cubes of brioche 6 cups of 1/4-inch cubes of white bread 2 cup small diced yellow…

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Summer Dinners

The flag of USA on a white color table

We are in the trenches of summer and today is a day to embrace the hot temperatures with delicious food and celebrate the brave Americans who have fought for our…

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The Silver Lake Kitchen

The Silver Lake Kitchen logo and illustration

Chef Mary Moran has branched out and created The Silver Lake Kitchen, Cooking Academy for after school and summer camp. She’s excited to share her new adventure with you. Currently…

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