Servings: 2-3 servings | Time: 25 minutes

There’s nothing better than fresh made guacamole. The secret to success is don’t precut the avocados. Leave them in one mass so it makes smashing it easier.


  1. Buy avocados that are slightly firm and can ripen at home (allow for two to three days for the avocados to ripen), because when they are overly ripe at the store there is a greater chance they will be severely bruised.
  2. Remove seeds from tomatoes if it’s possible. The orange color of the seeds will tint the color of your guacamole to a dull green.
  3. Remove seeds from the jalapenos unless you want the guacamole to be extra spicy.
  4. Keep the onions and garlic really small. Onions are unpleasant to bite into when they are raw. By keeping them small they will blend in with the guacamoles creaminess and enhance the subtle flavor.
  5. Use a Molcajete mortar and pestle. An ancient technique of mixing in a stone bowl with a stone masher, it helps break down the ingredients into a fine paste.
  6. The more acid i.e. lime juice you add to the guacamole the longer it will stay green.
  7. If you are making it ahead of time keep the avocado pits in the finished guacamole until right before you serve it.
  8. Use plastic wrap and lightly press it to the top of the guacamole so that you prevent the oxygen from oxidizing (turn the avocado brown) the avocados.



2 each      Haas Avocados

1 each     Tomato, diced

1 -tablespoon    red onion, diced

1 each    lime, juiced

¼ each    jalapeno

1 pinch   Kosher salt

2 teaspoons   cilantro, minced

1 each    garlic clove, minced


Optional: 1-2 tablespoons pomegranate seeds