a recipe for a thanksgiving roasted turkey with cranberry glaze

Traditional Home: Thanksgiving turkey recipe

Los Angeles, Ca, November 15, 2014 - This time of year we’re ...
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a collage of a cooked turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and peas

Top 10 Rules For a Great Thanksgiving!

The most important part about cooking thanksgiving dinner is not to panic. ...
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Meditative Bread Baking and other lip smacking recipes

Meditative Bread Baking

Making bread to reduce my stress. Like so many of you out ...
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chopped mushroom

Removing Mushroom Gills

Have you ever wondered whether or not you’re supposed to clean the ...
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cookies on a baking pan

Zoom Biscuit Class in Germany

Teaching a Zoom Biscuit Class to students in Germany has shown me ...
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a woman taking a photo with a whole turkey meat

What to do with Thanksgiving leftovers

Do you always have leftovers after Thanksgiving and don’t know what to ...
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a ladle scooping out cranberry sauce from a bowl

Cranberry sauce

LOS ANGELES, November 21, 2014 - Although it can be intimidating, homemade ...
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a bowl of mashed potato with a garnish

Thanksgiving mashed potatoes

Have you ever wondered why restaurants have perfect mashed potatoes and yours ...
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different sandwiches

School sandwiches for lunch boxes

(C) HMFG 2015 Los Angeles, Ca, The school year is about to start ...
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sandwiches with different vegetables

Sandwich ideas for school

(c) HMFG copyright 2016 photo by mary moran Here are a few ...
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