Baked stuffed shells with Italian sausage

Baked stuffed shells with Italian sausage

(c) copyright 2019 HMFG Baked stuffed shells with Italian sausage Servings: 4 ...
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trays of eggs

Egg Tips

What kind of eggs should you buy: This is a tough question ...
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chopped mushroom

Removing Mushroom Gills

Have you ever wondered whether or not you’re supposed to clean the ...
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peeled hazelnuts

How to peel hazelnuts

Removing the skin of hazelnuts is an exhausting task when it’s more ...
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cookies on a baking pan

Zoom Biscuit Class in Germany

Teaching a Zoom Biscuit Class to students in Germany has shown me ...
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A book titled copper, iron, and clay a smith’s journey

Book Review: Copper, Iron and Clay, A Smith’s Journey

My iron pan sizzles a chicken breast to perfection.  As a chef with ...
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sliced cheese

Burrata Cheese

Burrata cheese is a creamy cheese made from cow milk. It has ...
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a blue post it note with a written quote

Saved by dinner

Saved by Dinner July 21st, 2018, I drove home from teaching pasta ...
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a woman and a child mixing a batter

Baking with kids

Los Angeles, Ca- My children sat by the stove and watched brownies ...
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a woman and a child sitting on a counter holding an apple

Daily food battles with my adorable 3 year old

Repost from 2014: I love this post, especially right now while we ...
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