The Vita Gang Mysteries

In 2007 I started teaching children about healthy eating and cooking, and the children I taught inspired my book The Vita Gang Mysteries, Who Stole Vita D? Each Vitamin Superhero has superpowers based on what the vitamin does for the body in real life, and with these superpowers they solve mysteries with Super Chef Mary (Mary is a cooking term for combining two ingredients). 

“I loved teaching children about vegetables during my cooking tour in Oklahoma City, the children had wonderful ideas on how to bring my Vitamin heroes to life.” Chef Mary

Right now it’s important that I push for clicks on Amazon and even get presale orders. They are now until February 1st. On February 2nd, the book becomes available for purchase! The more clicks I get on Amazon the better! Here is the link to Amazon If you share it, please add hashtags- #vitagangmysteries  #thesilverlakekitchen #hailmaryfoodofgrace

I’m overjoyed to finally have my passion project in my hands, it’s been a dream for 17 years, and now I’m able to share it with the world. Of course, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without James, he’s always been my cheerleader and helped me get the book over the finish line. Also a special thanks to Milo Neuman the phenomenal illustrator that brought my dream to a reality.

I read this book to thousands of children over the years. It was a joy to watch the, engage with the characters. I would also print up coloring pages that allowed the children to create their own super hero. It is so exciting to have a beautiful hard copy that can help teach children at schools, doctors offices, and in homes.

Colored by children in 2007! (c) HMFG 2007

Please buy your copy today, and share it with your friends.

Thank you in advance for all the support you’re willing to give.