Product Review: Spritz Cookie Press

As winter is here to stay and the kids need something to do while they’re inside, try some spritz cookies. Spritz cookies are easily made with a cookie press. There are many cookie presses available in the market and each offers their own unique design, and most come with a variety of decorative shapes, piping tips for frosting, and even biscuit cutters as well. 

Joy was brought to my son and I as we made cookies with the cookie presses. We made our dough, picked a cookie cutter, inserted it into the bottom, then filled the chamber with dough, placed the pastic suction into the chamber, and finally twisted the top shut. We were ready. As we pressed the cookies onto the cookie sheet we marveled at the pretty shapes and different textures each cutter created. After we finished our last bit of dough, we decided our favorite was a delicate five petal flower that was 3D in shape.  

After testing a wide variety of presses at every price point, the number one on my list, is the Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press, 13 pieces at $29.03.  The top and bottom can be removed with ease. The bottom can be unscrewed, and a cutting disc can be placed mid cookie making. The top can be removed quickly, and dough can be filled into the see-through tube and with its nonslip grip you won’t lose control of the press. The cookie press has a gun design that allows the cookies to be made with one hand, my favorite part.  Clean up can be done efficiently, as all pieces come apart. Hand washed with warm soapy water will remove the cookie dough. 

Second on my list is the OXO Good Grip Cookie Press, 14 pieces, at $33.99. The sleek design with easy to release cookie press, clear chamber, and no grip stress handle makes this an easy second. At first, I wasn’t sure about the design of the press, after all I love the ease of the gun trigger feature, but as I made batches of cookies testing out a wide range of presses my hand grew tired of squeezing the trigger over and over again. The top and bottom can be easily removed to fill with dough, change the cookie cutter and to be handwashed in soapy water. 

A cookie press is extremely different than a cookie cutter.  A sugar cookie is limited to the wire rim of the cutter, where a cookie press has unlimited options to how the cookie can look. For instance, depending on what cutter you use, how many presses you make per cookie, and if you want to twist it while pressing out the dough it can take a different shape.  A press takes sugar cookies to the next level.