How to make a better burger

Los Angeles, Ca, July 14th, 2015-Top 10 things to know to make the best burger at home.

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  1. 80/20 is the ratio of lean meat to fat.
  2. 80/20 will give you the juiciest and most flavorful burger (usually chuck) but beware it will also shrink the most.
  3. 90/10 is the leanest ground beef  (usually sirloin) it is the leanest but it won’t be as flavorful but the good news is it will shrink the least.
  4. Don’t push the burger down while it’s cooking because the juices will run out of the burger, which will dry it out, and it will cause the grill to flare and burn the exterior of the burger.
  5. Always make sure you season your grill with oil before you cook your patties, this will ensure the meat doesn’t stick and it will also give your meat perfect grill marks.
  6. To prevent your burgers from shrinking and creating a bump in the middle, use your thumb to make an indention in the center about an inch in circumference.
  7. When you are creating your patties don’t pack the meat too tightly, because packing it too tightly can cause the patty to be tough and chewy.
  8. If you are adding seasonings to your ground beef use a fork to mix it in rather than your hands, you will be less likely to over work the ground beef.
  9. Know the size of your bun and make the patties about ¼ of an inch bigger in circumference, so when the meat shrinks it will still fit with the bun.
  10. And of course, always use clean tongs to remove the burger patties from the grill.

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