How to compromise when cooking as a couple

Los Angeles, Ca –Cooking as a couple can mean lots of compromise. If you feel that you and your partner have no common ground when it comes to food than this article is definitely for you. The first step to finding

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foods you both eat is by sitting down and discussing your likes and dislikes. This exercise may seem elementary but you have to start somewhere.

Begin the conversation with foods you like:

  • Take a piece of paper and draw four vertical columns. Label each column; fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains.
  • Then take five or 10 minutes and write every type of food you like pertaining to each column. For instance, kale –vegetable, apple-fruit, etc.

Next when you’re both finished, take another piece of paper and draw two circles joined together in the middle.

  • Write your name on the left circle and your partners on the right and in the middle is both of you.
  • Use the chart you filled out before to properly fill in each circle with the appropriate foods. Once this is complete, you’ll know what foods you like, what your partner likes and what you both like.

Moving on to the next step. It’s all about making the meals. Through this exercise you might discover things that you both like.

  • Research the Internet together for main courses and sides that include things you both like.

When you’re planning meals, refer to your chart and create your weekly menu.

  • Three days out of the week make the main dish and vegetables that you like and add a starch he likes.
  • Three days of the week make something that he likes and add the vegetables you like.
  • One day a week make something new and different that you both try.

The key is to always have a balanced meal and provide at least one thing the other person will eat. This is also great advice when it comes to feeding children. This exercise may take some time but in the long run this could save you frustrating uneaten meals and money.

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