Beet, green bean and spinach salad

(c) traditional Home magazine photo by Peter Krumhardt

Spring means fresh greens, heirloom beets and green beans and this salad recipe is a great way to combine all three.

Good fresh beets are simply delicious and for those of you who have never had one or are turned off by their pungent reputation please give them a try and decide for yourself.

After you’ve decided you are like me and you love beet please give this salad a try. The lemon sherry vinaigrette and it’s acidic flavor complements the earthiness of the green beans and the sweetness (yes sweetness!) of the beets.

Find the recipe here at Traditional Home magazine. Unfortunately, you will have to leave HMFG but we know you will be in good hands. Feel like sticking around? We’ve got some great salad recipes here- caesar saladtraditional wedge with blue cheese dressing and of course heirloom tomatoes.

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