Tequila Sidecar

(c) Traditional Home 2016 photo by: Peter Krumhardt

What is a sidecar you ask? It is a delicious drink made with cognac (a brandy variety), orange liquor and lemon juice. What is a tequila sidecar? a delicious mixture of tequila, lemon juice and a few other ingredients. My recipe is found in this month’s (May 2016) issue of Traditional Home Magazine.

It will be a huge hit for this Cinco de Mayo or a great cocktail to make any Saturday night more exciting.

Unfortunately, you have to leave HMFG but don’t worry you will be in good hands at Traditionalhome.com Tequila Sidecar Recipe and if you would like to stay here check out some of our other favorite Cinco de Mayo recipes Guacamolesour cream chicken enchiladas and fresh corn and black bean salsa.

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