Product Review: The Wolf Gourmet Multi-Function Cooker

Los Angeles, Ca,  Wolf, that’s right, the same company that offers premium quality ovens has a new Multi-Function Cooker with five different modes of cooking.

What is a Multi-Function cooker you ask? It’s similar to a slow cooker, however, it can do so much more. A typical slow cooker can sear-but not evenly, stew but only – one or two temperature settings and slow cook. The Wolf Multi-Function Cooker as well as having the basic features also has- a setting for rice, sous-vide, sauté and can evenly sear.

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When researching this product I reached out to some trusted home cooks and asked for specifics in “what makes a good Cooker”. I also put my expertise to work and tested this Wolf appliance in many different recipes.


Braised Italian Sausages –
First – Selected the sear feature and seared the 10 sausages in one batch.
Second – Then selected manual setting, medium-temperature and added the tomato sauce, herbs and water to the pot.
End Result The timer allowed me to cook the sausages to my desired doneness. The sausages were seared as if they were seared on a stove. The Sauce was thin because no moisture had been lost yet very flavorful. The sausages were tender and braised perfectly.

Steamed Pork Tenderloin –
First – Selected the sear feature and seared the pork on all sides, roughly 15 minutes.
Second  Selected manual/setting, high/temperature.
Third – Then I added all remaining ingredients, closed the lid and cooked for two hours and 30 minutes.
End Result – Flavorful, thin liquid, shredded meat (desired consistency for pork tacos)

Pork Shank –
First – Selected the seared feature and seared the pork on all sides, roughly 15 minutes.
Second  Selected manual/setting, low/temperature.
Third – Then I added all remaining ingredients, closed the lid and cooked for 4 hours and 30 minutes.
 End Result – Extremely even cooking, plenty of liquid, very tender meat.

Pros- This Multi-Function cooker is a beautiful add to any kitchen even if storage isn’t a possibility. It offers the same high-quality cooking that we’ve come to love about Wolf ovens.
1. The size and shape of the pan is large and rectangular with very little curvature, which allows for searing and cooking large quantities of ingredients.
2. The high quality and durability of the pan allow for it to be placed in both the oven and the dishwasher.
3. Though the pan is large it can be easily used for a two-person meal.
4. The temperature variations as well as the probe that can be inserted into meats allow for full control.
5. The red knob! It gives the Multi-Function cooker that feeling of high-quality elegance.
6. Double handles allow for you to either move the cooker with ease or the inserted pan with ease.
7. The lid comes with a rubber seal to ensure the liquid does not decrease.
8. Many different programs to offer a large selection of cooking methods.
9. Easy to clean.
10. Great digital screen.
The Multi-Function Cooker offers so many possibilities and it’s such a great product that I’ll be continuing to share more recipes and ideas in the months to come.

Cons –
1. The size – it feels slightly bigger than other slow cookers.
2. The weight – it’s very sturdy and a high-quality piece of equipment, which means it will be heavier than other slow cookers.
3. Directions – There’s a lot of important information in the directions and it requires reading while cooking to make the most out of your slow cooker. However, once you know how to use it, you won’t need to rely on the directions.
The Multi-Function Cooker is large, but it can replace multiple devices in your kitchen.

OVERALL RATING – Great high-end product that slow cooks, sears, sautés, cooks Sous vide (more to come in future articles) and rice perfectly. This is a great gift for anyone who loves slow cooking and wants to take it to the next level.

Available at Williams Sonoma and Sur la Table for around $699

Stay tuned for more recipes and testing to come with this product!

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