Letter from the Editor: Easter

Hail Mary Food Of Grace

Los Angeles, Ca, March 27th, 2019 – As I contemplate the end of March, and try to catch my breath, it’s evident that we are in the midst of a marathon of holidays that are always better when good food is present.

As the first tree leaves descend to the ground in early fall, we anxiously await braises, soups and stews and now as the trees begin to bud and temperatures slowly rise we hold our breath waiting for grilled succulent red meats, fresh green salads and vibrant red berries.

Delicious foods with very different flavors (different from the last 6 months) are thankfully on the horizon. Living in California, the line of winter and summer foods are slightly blurred due to the availability of fresh produce and our endless good weather. Nevertheless, I’m extremely aware of the culinary challenges the rest of the country faces day in and day out during the winter months. Like you, I have family, friends and coworkers that are strewn across the country and they like to share their desire for warmer weather and lack of available foods.

Looking forward to the next few months I am happy to report there will be lots of classic dishes, old favorites, as well as new and improved dishes in our near future. Each dish will have a taste of spring with flavorful green vegetables, sweet orange melons and tangy white chicken.

This week we will be celebrating Easter at HMFG and we will be featuring new and old ways to serve ham and other breakfast/brunch foods to make a perfect Easter brunch.

As I’m sure our regular readers have noticed, I have a crush on breakfast foods right now. As a mom with two kids, it tends to be the easiest meal to make everyone happy. There’s a combination of sweet and savory dishes and, strangely enough, I’m ok with not making the same thing for everyone. As you’ve also read, I love eggs which, as we all know, is a perfect way to start off any morning.

Lastly, thank you to all of those who view HMFG site regularly, thank you to those who share your favorite posts with friends and thank you for any comments you leave.

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Let me know you were here! Tell me what your favorite holiday is.

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