How to: Super Bowl Party 101

Los Angeles, Ca, 2017-This time of year people all over the country get excited about football, but not me, I get excited about the food for the Super Bowl. You know Thanksgiving and Christmas are obvious food days where you try and create delicious meals using really fresh and sometimes expensive ingredients. Where as football, it’s the one time of the year where it’s ok to gorge on 7 layer dip, guacamole, buffalo wings, pulled pork, Doritos, Cheetos, cupcakes and more in one sitting.

You know me, I love encouraging healthy food, but this year let’s leave that out and just talk about whatever tastes great and entertains people.

DIY: Super Bowl party 101-

Snacks: Let’s face it people want to eat immediately when they get to a super bowl party, so have some food ready to go. Spread the food to all the different TV watching stations, and try having the same thing in each area so people don’t feel cheated. This is the only party where guests tend to stay in one place.

  • Tortilla Chips (don’t forget regular chips too) and: salsaguacamole and 7 layer dip
  • Carrots and celery and: blue cheese dip, ranch dressing and Thousand Island dressing
  • Crackers (Ritz, Triscuit, etc.) and: cheese, salami and cream cheese with pepper jelly

Hot Snacks: These take a little more time and will be well received as they come out of the oven; again, it’s nice to have as many plates of this as you have spots to watch the game. If there is only one place to watch the game you still may want to try having two or three platters because people really don’t move too much.

  • Bone in and boneless Buffalo wings and: blue cheese dressing, ranch dressing and Caesar dressing
  • French fries and onion rings and: ketchup, garlic mayonnaise (aioli) and barbq sauce
  • Potato skins with: sour cream, green onion, cheese, black olives and of course bacon
  • Nachos with: cheese, black beans, ground beef, jalapenos, black olives, chopped tomatoes and salsa
  • Artichoke dip and: crackers, tortilla chips and cut French bread

The Super Entre: Everyone needs a break at half time, so have everything on about ten minutes before half time so you can join in on the fun of the half time show. Don’t forget to give your guests a break and even though they have been eating all day they still will be ready for something delicious. You can also make your life easy by focusing on main dishes that don’t have to be cooked at the last minute.

  • Pulled pork sandwiches with caramelized onions: pickles, a big leafy green salad and roasted vegetables
  • Meatball subs and: chopped salad, roasted vegetables and curly Parmesan pasta
  • Blackened chicken sliders with Swiss cheese and honey Dijon mustard and: chopped salad, cantaloupe and roasted red potatoes
  • Grilled Steaks with: re-baked potatoes, green beans and Caesar salad

Dessert: It’s possible after all the food you’ve served and your guests have consumed there will still be people hungry for dessert, so even though you may want to don’t skip it! You can go with 1-2 bite desserts or a large portion; it’s up to you.

  • Black forest cake with: ice cream and chocolate sauce
  • Build your own Sunday with: M & M’s, chocolate and caramel sauce, whipped cream, chocolate chips, peanuts, and almonds
  • Cupcakes: try frosting them with the colors of the two opposing teams
  • Brownie sundae with: ice cream, chocolate sauce, candy toppings

Your team may not win the super bowl, but you and your guests will win at eating on this Super Bowl Sunday!

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