All about pistachios

Los Angeles, Ca, January 28th, 2016 – What is a pistachio? A pistachio is a tree nut that comes from a drupe fruit. When a pistachio ripens the hard shell that encases the nut splits open. As the pistachio nut ripens it changes from a bright green color to a darker shade of green and eventually turns to an almost brown color.

What does a pistachio taste like? An unsalted pistachio is smooth in texture and finishes with a slightly sweet flavor. The pistachio is also encased a thin edible wrapper that gives the nut an earthy flavor. When the nut is young and green it is slightly soft and less sweet but as it matures it becomes harder and sweeter.

How to eat a pistachio? Like all nuts the outer shell must be removed or cracked. Pistachios split open so they’re usually easy to open. On the off chance you desire to eat a completely closed pistachio you will need to find the appropriate nut cracking tool to open the seed. However, it won’t be as palatable as a ripened pistachio. 

Are pistachios good for me? There are more nuts per one ounce serving of pistachios than any other snack nut. They are also cholesterol-free and the most amazing fact, which is one serving of pistachios has as much potassium as a half of a banana.

Where to use a pistachio? A pistachio is one of the oldest nuts and it’s even in the bible. Different cultures use pistachios in different dishes and because it is a nut it can be found in both sweet and savory recipes. Pistachios can be used in or on ice cream, in chicken dishes and they’re even delightful in salads, so it’s really up to you.

Where can I buy and how much are pistachios? Pistachios are found at any major grocery store. They’re expensive because they can only grow in certain dry climates like certain areas of California. The tree also takes time to reach a mature age between 5 and 7 years where it can be harvested.

Do you have any pistachio recipes? We love our pistachio and cherry granola and our white chocolate pistachio bark. We hope you like it to.

The next time you crack open a pistachio you’ll have a little more appreciation for this great nut!

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