Thanksgiving dinner schedule

Thanksgiving Weekly Breakdown

Do you know how to create a cooking schedule for your Thanksgiving feast? Well I’ve got a few ideas on how to schedule everything to make it a successful event.

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Monday before Thanksgiving:
  • Buy all canned goods.
  • Polish your silver pieces.
  • Clean wine and water glasses.
  • Launder all table cloths and napkins.
  • Iron table cloths and napkins.
  • Write out place card holders.
  • Make snack baskets for guests who are coming from out of town and staying in hotels.
  • Assess your Thanksgiving cooking supplies (roasting pans, basting brush, turkey baster, serving pieces.
  • Buy containers that will hold your prepped food.
  • Buy containers for leftovers – your guests will thank you for it.
Tuesday before Thanksgiving:
  • Begin to thaw the turkey in the refrigerator.
  • Buy perishable groceries (this can be done on Wednesday as well).
    • Green beans.
    • Potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash and yams.
    • Onions, garlic and leeks.
    • Breads for stuffing.
    • Pie ingredients.
    • Fresh citrus fruits.
    • Lettuce (buy heartier lettuces like romaine, endive and curly endive to ensure good quality for Thanksgiving).
    • Fresh herbs.
    • Buy or make dinner rolls that can be cooked the morning of Thanksgiving.
  • Buy all beverages.
    • Drinks for kids.
  • Buy 5 to 10 pounds of ice.
Wednesday before Thanksgiving:
  • Time to start prepping.
    • Brine the turkey.
    • Remove the stems from the green beans.
    • Cut up the bread and vegetables for the stuffing.
    • Make all of the pies.
    • Make the cranberry sauce (it will be better the second day).
    • Bundle herbs for the turkey (all you have to do is place it in the turkey).
    • Make the salad dressing.
  • Set the table with glasses, place cards and silverware.
  • Layout all of the serving pieces. For an even more organized meal, label each piece with the item being served.
  • Create your centerpiece for the table.
Thanksgiving Day:
  • Cook your turkey (your turkey can be done at least an hour before your ready to eat, just reheat it when it’s time to eat).
  • Slice, clean and bake the squash.
  • Peel, boil and mash the potatoes with butter and cream. (Peeling can be a family affair).
  • Blanch green beans in the morning and finish cooking right before service.
  • Saute the vegetables and bread for stuffing. Bake either in or out of the turkey.
  • Make the salad and place a slightly damp towel over the top until you’re ready to serve.
  • Ice down all of the drinks.
  • Place everything on serving trays and you’re ready to go.