Ranch Dressing from scratch

(c) Traditional Home, photo by Peter Krumhardt

Homemade ranch dressing? Why bother when we have Hidden Valley? WRONG! Homemade ranch dressing is delicious and completely worth the effort.

The ranch dressing recipe I created for Traditional Home magazine is actually one of my absolute favorites, and I have written a ton of salad dressings for them. This Ranch is creamy, tangy, herby and exactly what you want a ranch dressing to taste like.

When I wrote this recipe for the magazine I paired it with delicious Spiralized vegetables. They are fun, exciting and right on target with today’s food trends, however I am not going to lie I pulled out my baby carrots and cut circular cucumbers and went to town.

The ranch dressing is kid tested and approved and if you want to add in some Greek yogurt to add protein to the dip by all means go ahead.

FIND THE RECIPE HERE. You’ll have to go to the Traditional Home site, but I promise you will be in good hands.

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