Prosciutto Prep Gone Awry

I have an Italian for a husband, and anyone who is Italian – or is married to one –knows that prosciutto falls into its own food group. One Saturday, when we were first dating, I thought I would bring home some things to make a prosciutto sandwich. I went to the store and asked for about ½ lb or so of prosciutto. When I got home, I was so proud, and got to work preparing the sandwiches.

My husband James came into the kitchen to help, and immediately found and opened the prosciutto to sneak a bite. When he opened it, however, he found that the deli clerk had cut it way too thick and did not stack it between pieces of parchment paper. It was a big mess! I will never live it down. And I will never make another mistake like that. Always make sure your deli clerk slices your prosciutto nice and thin!

Happy Cooking!

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