Ingredient of the Day: Fava Beans

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Fave Beans are also known as the Broad Bean in Britain, this tiny, tasty green vegetable is worth its weight in gold.

For those of you who don’t know, Fava Beans are a culinary delight. Even though they are small, they are one of the most time consuming vegetables to prepare – thanks to their large bean-like shell.

Fresh Fava Beans must be first husked from the shell. Then, they can be boiled in salted water – a process called blanching. The next step is referred to as “shocking” – a process where the beans are put into cold water to prevent them from shriveling and losing their lovely smooth appearance. Once the beans have cooled, the outer layer of the skin can peel right off the bean.

The final step is, of course, cooking the beans. Fava Beans can be cooked slowly in chicken or vegetable stock with salt and pepper, and then pureed to create a delicious dip that is buttery, slightly nutty and rich. (Picture provided by Wikipedias Fava Bean)

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