Board games taught us to cook, who knew!

Los Angeles, Ca, – have you ever thought about classic board games and how they might have helped build your cooking skills? Well, they did and here is our list to prove it.

OPERATION: The classic kids game where you use tweezers to remove pieces from the body of a funny little man and if you accidentally touch the sides, the game buzzes almost giving you a shock.

Cooking Skills Learned: While cooking, have you ever dropped a piece of food in-between cooking grates and tried to remove it with tongs before you’re burned? And of course unlike the simple shock of the game in real life you actually  get hurt. Always move quickly and carefully while cooking.

CHUTES & LADDERS: A combination of chutes and ladders, after spinning the wheel you move the appropriate amount of spaces and if you land on a ladder you can jump ahead and if you land on a slide you have to go back to the beginning.

Cooking Skills Learned: When you’re cooking it’s important to do some things in a particular order and if you don’t follow the recipe you may have to go back to the beginning. However the good news is, sometimes in recipes you may not like certain ingredients so you can skip ahead. You learn you can still win even if you make a mistake.

TWISTER: The game of stretching, twisting and getting extremely close.

Cooking Skills Learned: Face it, if you’re cooking with someone else in the kitchen It’s all about making the perfect move, so that everything doesn’t go to hell in a hand bag. Cooking is always being confidant in what you’re doing and thinking one step ahead.

LET’S GO FISHIN’: The object is to dangle a small fishing rod with string and hook over a pond to TRY and catch fish as they move around in a circle.

Cooking Skills Learned: ever had a pot of soup with one small black thing floating around in it, or an egg shell lost in a lake of clear goo as you desperately try to scoop It up? Well it isn’t exactly the same but it’s pretty damn close. Try and try and try again. If you don;t get it right the first time eventually what you cook will be perfect.

PICK UP STICKS: Using one or two sticks ytry to pick up the rest of the sticks in the game.

Cooking Skills Learned: Three words:Sautéed green beans! Trying to pick them up with tongs or scoop them up with an old spoon. An endless task of grabbing defiant haricot vert a.k.a. green beans in a hot pan with burning oil. There is always a trick to cooking and once you learn each simple skill you can cook anything.

HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPO: A game where you stop caring about everyone else and all that matters is grabbing every last colored ball on the playing field opening and closing your hippos’ mouth.

Cooking Skills (Ok, Shopping skills): This similarity isn’t about cooking, but about grocery shopping. Let’s face it we’ve all been grocery shopping when there is only a few items left of the most important thing on your grocery list and there’s someone who’s about to swipe it. You’ll do anything in your power to get it before they do! Know what you’re shopping for and always be prepared.

CANDY LAND: A magical game filled with magical roads and sweet surprises.

Cooking Skills Learned: Cooking is the real magical road to delicious surprises and as an adult it’s more than just a space on a board it’s your kitchen and you have the ability to create any magical dish you feel comfortable cooking.

JENGA : A game of stackable building blocks, the object of the game is to keep stacking until someone knocks over the tower.

COOKING Skills (ok, more shopping skills): Grocery shopping isn’t easy and sometimes it is a game of will. How many boxes of cereal can you load in the cart before the whole thing falls over? It may not be cooking but shopping and shopping well is the first step to making a good meal.

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