About: Patty pan squash

Patty Pan squash is actually a summer squash that can be found into the late fall and even the winter if you live on the West Coast like I do.

The patty pan squash is a thin-skinned. It’s very mild in flavor and it usually gives you a break from the typical bold flavored winter squashes.

Patty pan squash is easy to cut and cook unless you’ve never done it before and then it can seem a little confusing due to its wavy spherical shape. My easy how to video that is under a minute will show you how.

Things to look for when buying patty pan squash:
  • Vibrant color
  • Heavy in weight
  • No bruises or discoloration
  • It should have a mild smell
Cooking techniques:
  • Sautéing in oil
  • Steaming in herbed water
  • Roasting with onions, carrots and fresh herbs

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Special thanks to Pharaba Hacker-Witt for editing the Patty Pan Squash video. 

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