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Los Angeles, Ca,- Those weren’t sugar and sodium loaded snacks (add brand name here) you put in your child’s lunch box was it? Those delicious and yet very unhealthy snacks that we all grew up on aren’t what we are giving our kids today. Today we as parents want real ingredients, great flavor and something our kids actually want to eat.

What does that leave us with? Actually there are lots of companies out there and are hearing our cries. They are working hard to give us healthy, wholesome snacks we can feel good about. So below are a list of our Out with the old and in with the New suggestions to give us the same crunch in lunches and lunch boxes that we loved years ago with a healthier twist.

Out with the old corn tortilla chip and in with the new Better Chip-

The Better Chip offers an array of flavors to suit any parent’s need-plain corn (my four year olds favorite), spinach and
Kale (my two year olds favorite), Beet (also my two year olds favorite) and chipotle (my favorite). The ingredients are whole and not in strange wording.

Out with the old square cheese cracker (add brand name for yourself) and in with the new Annie’s Cheddar Square-

Annie’s promises to leave out artificial flavors, synthetic colors and no synthetic preservatives in all of their products, plus you can check out more information on their website about their products. They offer the cheesy crunch that you can feel good about.

Out with the potato chip and in with the Pop Chip-

The Pop Chip isn’t exactly like a potato chip, but it does offer a great potato chip flavor with a crunch. Plus instead of being fried its cooked in a pressurized chamber (it’s definitely a favorite in our house).

We want to hear your feedback on What’s the healthiest and tastiest snack options that your kids actually eat?

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