Cooking Classes

Baby’s first foods cooking class

Being a first time mother is filled with joy and excitement, but it’s also isolating, filled with anxiety and to top it off it creates lots of questions; including what and how to feed your baby fooMark Morands for the first time.

Join Chef Mary (a mom of two boys-2 and 4) as she teaches a “how to” class on making your baby’s first foods. As easy as it is there are still challenges. Chef Mary will lead you in a step-by-step cooking class with discussion about how to introduce your baby to a healthy way of life right from the beginning. We will also discuss buying the right produce, when to know your baby is ready and how to feed your child (cues your baby will tell you when they are ready to eat).

Don’t forget your babies can play in the play area while you learn and take a break!

Class day: the second Monday of every month

Time: Morning or afternoon

Cost: $35 -$75 ($35/ lecture and up to $75 for hands-on-cooking classes)

Location: Your home or desired location